About The True Crime Bulletin Podcast

True Crime Bulletin

The True Crime Bulletin is an online podcast that’s dedicated to true crime news and cases.

True Crime Bulletin was launched in 2019 after a passionate true crime fan found herself with time on her hands, as she awaited the birth of her second child. Plus, the growing need for more attention to missing person cases was one of the main inspirations for launching True Crime Bulletin.

True Crime Bulletin is a podcast and a news-related website. We cover cases from the news, have a crime library of older cases, and even cover cases that you can see on television. We cover cases that are in the news, old colder cases, missing person cases, and cases we feel could be solved with the right people coming forward. If you have a case you feel we should cover, please reach out.

The Podcast

The True Crime Bulletin podcast is about true crimes that have rattled the world. The podcast covers stories that have been carefully chosen because there’s something interesting, shocking, or provocative about them.

The podcast was started in 2019 and runs in seasons with 10 episodes in each.

We aim to keep our episodes to less than an hour. We respect the hard work of those who focus on the criminal court system, missing person cases, and current investigations. We feel those areas are already covered in the podcast space, so we take a storytelling approach.

We pick cases for the True Crime Bulletin podcast that we feel touched our core. If you have an idea for a case, please use the contact form on this website to send your suggestion.

About the Host

The host of True Crime Bulletin Podcast prefers to remain anonymous. As she points out, the stories are about the crimes and the victims, not about the host. She has no desire to use this platform to create a name for herself. She prefers to use this platform to tell the stories of the victims and keep the focus where it needs to be.