Welcome to the True Crime Bulletin podcast in an article we like to call “behind the scenes.” Okay, so we don’t offer too much behind the scenes in this article, simply because we are busy preparing the first season. However, we understand how you may be curious about the team and how things work with recording, research, and the development of ourĀ episodes.

While we don’t have any photos to share, we can give you an idea of how things operate behind the scenes. So, without further ado, here’s a peek into our “behind the scenes” article.

We do everything in-house

One of the things we pride ourselves on is that we do everything in-house. We have a small recording studio, where we also do our research and development. Our episodes are researched and written in-house as well. Everything related to production happens right here in our studio as well. We currently don’t outsource, but that could change over time.

Mistakes simply mean real people

When we produce podcasts, we have fun! That means some of the episodes may have some editing mistakes, oddly cut, etc. We believe that when mistakes happen, it simply means that real people are doing the work. So, if you find a mistake, enjoy it and know that real people are working hard to deliver great episodes with important stories that must be told.

Behind the scenes and more – to come?

Okay, so we realize that you may want more. And we’ll provide more over time. The first thing you can do is follow our Instagram account, where we’ll share some behind the scenes content. But if you want more answers, we’ll probably do another article in the future. Who knows…

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