If you’ve read through our website, you’ll know that you can only find us on Instagram other than your favorite podcast player and here on our website. We want the focus to be on theĀ episodes, not on our social media content.

If you still aren’t following us, you can find us on Instagram at @TrueCrimeBulletin.

We’d love to share your posts on our Instagram post, so don’t ever hesitate to reach out to us with your posts.

Tag us every Monday when a case is released

One way to be featured is to tag us every Monday when a new case is released. It’s no secret that Mondays are busy around here, because of our publishing schedule. We release new episodes every Monday and we’re excited about it. So, we do hang out on Instagram on Mondays more so than any other day. Can you blame us?

We’ve chosen not to be on any other social media network for various reasons. For one, we don’t want to spread ourselves too thin with too much activity on several platforms. It’s better for us to do one network and do it well. Two, we love Instagram and everything it has to offer! And three, it’s where our core audience hangs out.

Be creative!

Let’s say you don’t catch us on a Monday. Well, be creative! Being creative is another great way to get our attention. Of course, it always helps to tag us in your posts. Think of it as getting in front of the line and grabbing our attention.

If you have any questions, we ask that you use our contact form on our website. We take inquiries, concerns, and questions seriously, but to answer them effectively, we do ask that you reach out via email.

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