True crime podcasts are more popular than ever! It seems that a new podcast launches every week and personally, we couldn’t be more excited about it. There are thousands of cases that have yet to be covered and even more that remain unsolved. Even though some listeners may question why another true-crime podcast is launching, we can’t help but say, “why not!?”

We mix ourĀ episodes with cold cases, current cases, and solved cases. We choose cases based on how they have changed the legal system, how they challenged prosecutors, and much more.

But what does True Crime Bulletin offer that no other podcast does? Well, maybe nothing. Maybe a lot.

The commuter-friendly podcast

We don’t believe in giving ourselves more credit than other podcasts, because we believe that most true crime podcasts are doing great jobs in covering cases. We do listen to A LOT of podcasts and we admire those that truly dig deep into research. We also enjoy listening to those podcasts that dedicate an entire season to a single case or spend hours going through great details, resulting in long episodes.

But we aren’t like that. Consider us different in this regard. We like to be the commuter-friendly podcast. Our episodes are usually under 45 minutes, but most are around 30 minutes. We like to bring cases to the forefront without subjective reporting, and despite digging podcasts where personal opinions are shared, we aren’t that podcast.

Seasons vs. weekly

We also admire people who release episodes weekly. In this regard, we’re also different. We go for seasons. We have 10 episodes per season with each episode covering a single season. The reason we do seasons is rather simple – we have jobs, careers, and small kids. In fact, at the time of this reporting, our host is about 2 weeks away from giving birth.

When we aren’t releasing episodes, catch us on Instagram.

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