The cases we feature on True Crime Bulletin are ones that we have carefully chosen. We don’t simply pick cases that we’ve heard on other episodes or cases that have been extensively covered in the media. We like to mix it up, sharing a little bit of everything.

OurĀ episodes are researched, recorded, and produced featuring cases that we have chosen because they shocked it, confused us, or we felt that there was more to be told.

Cases that confused, shocked, or rocked our world

Some of the cases that we’ve chosen are downright confusing. If the evidence points in one direction but a jury says something else, where does the truth lie? We also cover cases that shocked the world. These are cases that you may have heard about before, and while we know that other podcasts have covered them, we felt it was best to include them in our catalog of episodes again.

Plus, as one smart podcaster one said, a single case can be told in different ways from many different podcasters. And we’re all for sharing cases as if no one has heard about them before. That’s how we change the discourse – not by ignoring them.

Impacts the legal system or current laws

Many unsolved criminal investigations can have a significant effect on our legal system. Many investigations and verdicts have resulted in new laws, adjustments to current laws, and even implementations or breakdowns of older laws. We like to cover cases that may seem plain on the surface but that have resulted in huge changes in the legal system.

Unsolved cases

We already listen to a lot of unsolved investigations and crimes. While we don’t cover these exclusively, we do include them when we feel they have something more, something to either be discussed or perhaps evidence that could lead to something new. It’s one of those things that we handle on an episode-per-episode basis, but we do like to explore crimes that are currently unsolved or could use a push in the right direction.

We should note that the goal of this podcast isn’t to provide entertainment for listeners. We truly hope that us covering our chosen stories is that we bring new attention, new leads, and a possible resolution to the surface. With solved investigations, we hope that listeners will listen and take the cases in, either to reflect on their own lives and recognize red flags or get a greater understanding of what victims go through.

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