Our publishing schedule may not be as reliable as other podcasts you listen to. Many true-crime podcasts run on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule. As you may have learned from your favorite podcast hosts, it takes time and effort to bring you great episodes where you learn something new about cases or investigations.

We can’t promise a weekly show, which is why ourĀ episodes don’t follow a strict schedule of weekly publications.

We prefer seasons

Our publishing schedule follows a seasonal design. We run our episodes in seasons and we include 10 episodes per season. Each episode covers one case. Our episodes are not long in duration either. We feel that many podcasts do such a good job in covering cases in great detail, so much so that we aren’t going to compete.

Some episodes may run 30 minutes, others may push 40 minutes. That really depends on whether we use additional audio to let the victims or perpetrators share their stories.

Life is unpredictable – and so are toddlers

One of the reasons why we record the podcast in seasons is because we have kids – toddlers and newborns to be exact. They take time and it can result in us missing an episode or two if we ran weekly episodes. Instead, we do seasonal episodes to buy us some time in case we do need to step away for a period of time. When things run smoothly with the kids, the episodes should be close to weekly.

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