Welcome to the True Crime Bulletin, a brand new true-crime podcast for the passionate true crime lovers. The True Crime Bulletin covers true crime cases from recent years that made an impact on society, on local communities, on the victims and perpetrators, and us, the audience.

Our episodes focus on cases that have been carefully chosen. You may recognize some of them already, because of the sensationalism, because they’ve been in the news or because they’ve been covered extensively by other media outlets. We’ve included them in our library of episodes as we feel they are important cases to share.

We cover one case per episode, and you’ll get 10 episodes per season. Other than just a few weeks off in between seasons, we aim to have episodes ready and available on a weekly basis.

For show resources, please check individual show notes. At the bottom of each episode, you’ll find a list of resources that we’ve read, referenced, and used in our podcast. If you have any questions about any of the information in our show, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

On our website at TrueCrimeBulletin.com, you’ll find blog posts about why we’ve chosen to focus on true crime as a topic, why cold case files are more important than ever with the growing popularity of podcasts, and more information about how we choose the cases we cover.

We also have an Instagram profile, which you can find via the handle, @truecrimebulletin.

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We can’t wait to dig into these cases with you! See you soon.