The case of Shanda Renee Sharer is one that shocked the state of Indiana. Back in 1992, young Shanda was a student, an athlete and enjoyed everything that life had to offer. She was close to a girlfriend and she simply wanted to spend time with her friends.

But someone was jealous of her, someone she didn’t necessarily realize was a huge threat to her life. With the help of three other girls, Melinda Loveless was able to lure Shanda Renee Sharer away from her home.

While she claimed she initially wanted to scare Shanda, she would later torture the young girl and kill her in a brutal way.

Given the ages of the girls involved with the killing and the motive behind the torture and death of Shanda, people in Indiana and the United States as a whole were shocked. In this episode, you’ll get brief bios about the killers. How could this possibly happen to someone as innocent as Shanda?

Melinda Loveless

Laurie Tackett

Hope Rippey

Toni Lawrence

Since the girls were not adults at the time of the crime and since it happened in 1992, their sentences are close to being over. We examine this case in our Season 1 finale, as the last one of the killers is up for release.

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