In our second episode, we feature the shooting death of Ryan Carter Poston. Ryan was a successful lawyer, who was determined and educated. However, he was caught in a troublesome romance with a younger woman named Shayna Hubers.

Friends of Ryan would reveal that while he wanted to end things with her, Shayna was ready to settle down and lock him down so she didn’t have to share him with anyone. Text messages from Ryan to his friends would reveal how frustrated he was with her.

One night, Ryan planned a date with another woman and that’s the night when Shayna shot him.

While Shayna would claim it was self-defense, the prosecutor would argue otherwise. And it was her interrogation that caused investigators to think that this was planned and deliberate.

The blonde woman seen here is Miss Ohio, the woman Ryan had a date with the night he was killed. She would later testify in the trial against Shayna in the case against her for killing Ryan.

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