Some of our episodes deal with cold cases. As you’ll find in our catalog of episodes, we like to do all kinds of cases. Of course, there is satisfaction in knowing that a case has been solved, that someone is held accountable, and that the victim’s family and loved ones can start processing everything.

But some of ourĀ episodes, including the first one of Season 1, remains an unsolved case. While the prosecution made a big effort in trying to charge and prove that their main suspect was guilty, a jury simply didn’t buy it. While it’s not classified as a cold case, it does remain unsolved.

Bring attention to past cold cases

We believe that cold cases should be at the forefront now more so than ever before because of podcasts and online news articles. We can help bring the cases to the forefront with podcast episodes, seasons, and articles.

Maybe – just maybe – someone will remember something or know something that they didn’t think was important.

Plus, a crime – if it happened – shouldn’t be forgotten simply because it wasn’t solved in the months or years after it was committed.

Leads can bring closure

It’s important to note that the smallest clue or lead can solve a case. In many instances, we simply don’t know what important information police or investigators have kept secret as part of the investigation. A single lead can complete the puzzle the police has created given information, evidence, and forensics from witnesses.

On the True Crime Bulletin podcast, we will continue to talk about cold cases to bring more attention to these older cases. While we can’t guarantee to have cold cases in every season, we do think it’s important to mix it up and share episodes that can be solved with the right clue or lead.

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